About Us – Kefauver True Value Lumber

The Story behind Kefauvers

Founded by Melvin, Helen, and Charles Kefauver, Kefauver Lumber Company opened for business in May of 1938 in Forest Hill, Maryland. The vision was simple, to provide lumber and feed supplies with a commitment to personal service. In 1940, Charles sold his share of the family-owned business to Melvin and Helen. Melvin remained at the helm for forty-six years through 1984. Helen continued her involvement through the end of 2013 a powerful influence at the age of 104!

Kefauver Lumber & Hardware has evolved over the years with new buildings added to house the expansive product offerings. In 1955 the main store was added to the Forest Hill location, followed by warehouses, truss, and cabinet workshops added in 1960.

True Value

In the 50’s Melvin and Helen were joined by their daughter Ann and her husband, Norman Edie. Over the years, the children and grandchildren of Ann and Norman joined the family-owned operation working after school and weekends. After college, some of the family members returned to their roots at Kefauver Lumber Company to work along side the previous generations. Today, Kefauver Lumber & Hardware, offers a lumber yard, custom millwork shop and True Value Hardware store across their 10-acre property. Under the leadership and guidance of Melvin and Helen’s great-grand-daughter Nicole Park, Kefauver Lumber & Hardware continues to offer the same home-town service that Melvin, Helen, and Charles envisioned over 78 years ago.